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Join the Living Legend Joe Gallina as he uses his unique analytical style to help you wade through the fantasy baseball landscape and stand out from the crowd as you find your fantasy baseball catcher of the future. Looking for fantasy sleepers while trying to avoid getting stuck with a potential bust? Joe can help. This fast paced show is both fun and informative and will keep you on your toes as you never know who will join the Living Legend in any given week.

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The "Living Legend" Joe Gallina continues his analysis of the fantasy baseball outfield position focusing on "the sleepers", last years breakout stars and those players who are on the comeback trail. Listen in as Joe uses his lighthearted but informative style to help you prepare for your upcoming draft. Don't miss his weekly fantasy baseball draft tip of the week.

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Join the "Living Legend" Joe Gallina as he ranks Fantasy Baseball's Outfielders. Learn at the feet of the master as the Living Legend shares his fantasy baseball draft tip of the week. You never know who will appear as a guest on this light hearted but informative show as it helps prepare you for your upcoming fantasy baseball draft. Someone told me that a well known chairman of a board paid a quick visit to the podcast this week!!

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Join the Living Legend as he takes a fun look at the fantasy baseball third base position. He gives you his unique take on the best superstar and sleeper candidates. He'll also give you his fantasy baseball draft tip of the week that will help you stay one step ahead of your competition. You never know who will stop by the podcast! Buddy the Elf, Peter Griffin and even the Geico Camel check in to give the Living Legend Joe Gallina a hand in providing you with his tongue and cheek look at the world of fantasy baseball. This week Joe gives you his view of the Super Bowl and talks about former baseball commissioner Bud Selig's legacy. The show is fun but most of all informative - listen in !!!!

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The Living Legend Joe Gallina gives you his unique take on the fantasy baseball shortstop position. He'll give you the real scoop on who best to target on draft day and he's identified a few sleepers that will help you stand out from the crowd in your fantasy baseball league. Listen as he provides you with his weekly fantasy baseball draft tip of the week. His wide variety of guests will help keep you informed and entertained. This is the best podcast on the world wide web!!

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The Living Legend Joe Gallina is back with his indepth preseason look at the best fantasy baseball second basemen. He'll provide you with his unique insight on the stars, sleepers and busts that you need to know about before your fantasy baseball draft.  Listen closely you never know who will be featured on this entertaining show. Don't miss the Living Legend's fantasy baseball draft tip of the day. Stay ahead of your competition and start preparing for your fantasy baseball season right now!

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The "Living Legend" give you his in depth analysis of the good, the bad and the ugly at the first base position as you start preparing for your fantasy baseball season. He'll give you his take on when to target specific players, who the value picks might be and don't miss his fantasy baseball draft tip of the day!

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A review and preview of the best in fantasy football 2014 and what to expect in your 2015 fantasy football draft!!

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The Living Legend Joe Gallina takes an in depth look at the NFL schedule for week 17 and tells you which players might see limited action this week and should be avoided when setting up your lineup. He'll also go over some players who should have big weeks as their teams fight for their playoff lives. He's got your starts and sits for both your weekly and conventional leagues. If you play fantasy sports you need to listen to this podcast.

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Get the latest insights from fantasy sports guru the Living Legend Joe Gallina. He'll tell you who might still be available on the waiver wire and give you his picks on who to start and sit in your fantasy football championship game.

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