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Listen in as Joe Gallina analyzes the waiver wire and provides you with his recommendations for the best sleepers and value adds for Week 9 in Fantasy Football. Joe also gives you tips on offering a fair deal and making mutually beneficial trades in Fantasy sports.

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Check out Joe Gallina's lineup recommendations for your sleeper and value picks for Week 8 in Fantasy Football.

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Join Joe Gallina as he shares his choices for the best sleeper and value waiver wire adds for your Week 8 Fantasy Football roster.

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Join Joe Gallina for a look at who you should be targeting and staying away from in the Fantasy Football trade market. Joe will also give you his recommendations on the sleepers and value plays that you should put in your DFS and season long lineups. This is a fun, fast paced and informative show.

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Join Joe Gallina for a fast paced, fun and informative show where he'll share his top picks for the Fantasy Football sleeper and value adds to target for Week 7 in the NFL.

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Join Joe Gallina and his eclectic guests as he gives you his top recommendations for the the sleepers and value players that you should be starting in Week 6 of your weekly and season long Fantasy Football leagues.

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Joe Gallina provides you with his top value and sleeper waiver wire picks for Week 6 in Fantasy Football.

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Join Joe Gallina for a look at who you should be starting in your season long and weekly Fantasy Football leagues. This is a fun, fast paced and informative show!!

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Join Joe Gallina for his expert analysis on who you should be focusing on in your leagues waiver wire in a tough week 5 in the NFL. Fantasy Football managers need to focus on replacing some of their players who are on one of the four teams that are on byes. If you are looking for value and sleepers Joe can help. This is a fast moving, enjoyable and informative show!! Need more help? Follow or just reach out to Joe on twitter @joegallina.

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Check out Joe Gallina's analysis of how Michael Vick will effect the Fantasy Football superstars Antonio Brown and Le'Veon Bell. He'll also provide you with his top picks for your weekly FanDuel and DraftKing lineups as well as your season long leagues.

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