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Joe Gallina analyzes the shortstop position with a focus on Troy Tulowitzki and all of the trade rumors surrounding him. Speaking of trades Joe also gives you his insight on the art of how to trade in Fantasy Sports.

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Joe Gallina gives you his take on ARods 660th career homerun and whether or not he is a long term option for you Fantasy team. He also demonstrates how sabermetrics can be used to evaluate how good a starting pitcher really is. He also has 6 sleeper options that you should be able to find on your league's waiver wire this week.

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Fantasy baseball afficianado Joe Gallina runs down the previous week in Fantasy Baseball and helps you understand sabermetrics and how to use it when looking for that free agent bat off of your league's waiver wire. Need some help understanding how to use stats like BABIP, wRC+, batted ball data and swinging strike and ISO rates to help you find a sleeper bat? Listen to this episode and learn.

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Jose Reyes and Carlos Gomez hit the DL this week. Check out this week's episode as Joe Gallina helps you navigate the waiver wire in search of suitable replacements.

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The "Living Legend" Joe Gallina reveals his strategy for success for your fantasy baseball team for week 2. Listen in as he gives you his interpretation of week 1 in MLB. He's got lineup advice, he'll tell you how he thinks you should play the waiver wire and he'll provide you with a few sleepers you should know about. 

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As Fantasy Baseball Draft Season winds down the "Living Legend" Joe Gallina gives you another 10 sleepers that you can probably find on your leagues waiver wire. Listen in as Joe uses his unique style to help you tweak your fantasy baseball roster just in time for opening day!

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It's Fantasy Baseball Draft Season and the "Living Legend" Joe Gallina is just one click away from providing you with 10 sleepers that will help your team stand out from the rest of the crowd and help lead you to a fantasy baseball championship. Joe will also provide you with six more players who he will not be drafting this season. Some of the names on that list might surprise you!! Learn at the feet of the master!! Joe's got some draft advice in his weekly fantasy baseball draft tip of the week. Listen to this energetic, unique and informative show as you prepare to take your fantasy league by storm.

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Join the "Living Legend" Joe Gallina as he uses his unique style to guide you through your fantasy baseball draft. Listen in as he provides you with his fantasy baseball draft tip of the week as well as five players who the "Living Legend" will not be drafting this season. He's also found another 10 sleeper options for you that will help you create a fantasy baseball team that is primed to win a championship this season. This show is fun, fast paced and most of all it is informative!

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The "Living Legend" Joe Gallina continues to prepare you for you fantasy baseball draft. Listen and learn as Joe provides you with his fantasy baseball draft tip of the week. He'll also introduce you to some sleeper and value candidates that will help you stand apart from the fantasy sports crowd and help you become a contender for a fantasy baseball championship.

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Listen in as the "Living Legend" Joe Gallina analyzes Fantasy Baseball's Closers and DH's and examines Fantasy Football's increasingly active hot stove activity. Bask in the knowledge provided in Joe's "Fantasy Baseball Draft Tip Of The Week" and enjoy this fast moving, light hearted but informative show. You never know who will drop by - rumor has it that a certain science teacher from the southwest makes a cameo.

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